domenica 13 maggio 2007

Listen to your heart (2)

Stavolta a ragione intitolo il post così. La canzone forse non tutti la conoscono, ma è una dolce melodia d'amore dei Roxette. Ormai quando la sento in macchina with my Love è sempre emozionante...Mi fa pensare a quanto sono felice di stare con una persona che mi ama veramente...

Listen To Your Heart

I know there's something in the wake of your smile
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yeah.
You've built a love but that love falls apart.
Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.

Listen to your heart
when he's calling for you.
Listen to your heart
there's nothing else you can do.
I don't know where you're going
and I don't know why,
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye.

Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.
The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yeah.
They're swept away and nothing is what is seems,
the feeling of belonging to your dreams.

And there are voices
that want to be heard.
So much to mention
but you can't find the words.
The scent of magic,
the beauty that's been
when love was wilder than the wind.

2 interventi:

Bharata ha detto...

Rossella, liberati da questo corpo che ti rende così romantica!
Bellissima canzone, cmq!

theyellowscientist ha detto...

Eh ma in realtà è un'inerzia mascherata da romanticismo :-D